What Is Configuration Management? Techniques, Instruments + Examples


Configuration identification is the process of determining the attributes that define each aspect of a configuration item (CI) at any cut-off date. Another emerging know-how to assume about is GitOps, which permits an information center staff to deploy container clusters using the Git code administration and version control system. This effectively merges the use of containers, software program improvement paradigms and SDDC capabilities to ensure that a container may be deployed using the desired software program parts in a suitable software-defined environment.

What is Configuration Management

Configuration change management is achieved through the systematic proposal, justification, and analysis of proposed changes followed by incorporation of accredited changes and verification of implementation. Implementing configuration change administration in a given program/project requires unique knowledge of the program/project aims and requirements. The first step establishes a strong and well-disciplined internal NASA Configuration Control Board (CCB) system, which is chaired by someone https://www.thaiceramicsart.com/CeramicPlateMarking/ with program/project change authority. CCB members characterize the stakeholders with authority to commit the group they represent. The second step creates configuration change management surveillance of the contractor’s activity. The CM workplace advises the NASA program or project supervisor to realize a balanced configuration change administration implementation that fits the unique program/project scenario.

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Most configuration administration instruments require a minimum hierarchy consisting of a controller machine and a node that might be managed by it. Puppet, for example, requires an agent software to be installed on every node, and a grasp software to be put in on the controller machine. Ansible, on the other hand, has a decentralized structure that doesn’t require installation of extra software on the nodes, but depends on SSH to execute the provisioning tasks. For smaller projects, a simplified infrastructure would possibly look like a better match, nonetheless it is necessary to take into accounts features like scalability and safety, which may not be enforced by the tool. The follow of maintaining pc methods, servers, and software program in a desired, consistent state is an instance of configuration management. Configuration management is all about stopping problems so that you just don’t have to cope with them later.

What is Configuration Management

Find out more about the relationship between change administration and configuration management. Even although provisioning scripts could be very specialized for the needs and calls for of a particular server, there are numerous circumstances when you’ve similar server setups or elements of a setup that could https://lib.qrz.ru/node/28917 be shared between a number of servers. Most provisioning tools will present methods in which you’ll be able to simply reuse and share smaller chunks of your provisioning setup as modules or plugins. Puppet automates server and application provisioning, configuration, and administration. A centralised CMDB database shops information about configuration items in an IT setting.

What To Look For In A Configuration Management Software

The baseline identifies an agreed-to description of attributes of a CI at a time limit and provides a recognized configuration to which adjustments are addressed. Baselines are established by agreeing to (and documenting) the said definition of a CI’s attributes. The practical baseline is established at the SDR and can often https://www.coachingzone.it/author/louise-goodman/ switch to NASA’s control at that time for contracting efforts. For in-house efforts, the baseline is set/controlled by the NASA program/project. A configuration manager is responsible for verifying and auditing the configuration standing, which is the current state and history of the CIs and the configuration baseline.

What is Configuration Management

Change control is the process used to ensure that any modifications are compatible with the rest of the project. These procedures contribute to quality assurance and new baseline knowledge (s) launch. In this stage, configuration change requests are presented to the staff and licensed or refused by the software program configuration supervisor. Configuration management is used to hold up an understanding of the standing of advanced property with a view to maintaining the best degree of serviceability for the lowest cost. Specifically, it goals to make sure that operations usually are not disrupted as a outcome of asset (or components of the asset) overrunning limits of deliberate lifespan or under quality ranges. Docker launched containerization that’s a sophisticated type of configuration administration — like a configuration lockdown.

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Future CM instruments should additionally be in a position to deal with the software-driven elements of such an surroundings, during which containers often exist for only minutes and even seconds. This places a specific emphasis on container orchestration tools for configuration administration. Configuration administration closely is decided by coverage, course of and automation, which must be integrated into the CM software or platform. It is sufficiently scalable to meet the calls for of enterprises and organizations of all sizes. Puppet is mostly used for large infrastructures which have entry to adequate documentation and group assistance.

Every group is predicted to be compliant with no much less than one regulatory framework, which is why they should be thought of when configuring infrastructure. All rights are reserved, together with these for text and data mining, AI training, and similar applied sciences. One of the important thing inputs to getting ready for CM implementation is a strategic plan for the project’s complete CM process. Figure 6.5-1 offers a typical move diagram for the Configuration Management Process and identifies typical inputs, outputs, and activities to contemplate in addressing CM. Search the knowledge base, product boards and documentation on the Ivanti Community.

It offers asset management, as properly as configuration knowledge for system and network administration and security administration. Whenever a new server must be deployed, a configuration administration tool can automate most, if not all, of the provisioning process for you. Automation makes provisioning a lot faster and extra efficient as a outcome of it allows tedious tasks to be performed faster and more accurately than any human could. Even with proper and thorough documentation, manually deploying an online server, for instance, may take hours in contrast to some minutes with configuration management/automation. Configuration change administration is a course of to manage permitted designs and the implementation of accredited modifications.

One staff member may modify a hardware allocation value to guarantee that this system works more effectively on their own computer. This new setting could have a poor influence or fail when this system is ultimately deployed to the manufacturing environment. While Ian has broad and deep expertise with each Java and .NET, he’s best often identified as a champion of agile methods in large enterprises. He’s presently centered on the emerging DevOps culture and the tools for enabling higher continuous integration, continuous supply, and information evaluation. During his profession, he’s successfully managed enterprise software program improvement instruments in all phases of their lifecycle. He has pushed organization-wide process improvement with outcomes of higher productiveness, larger high quality, and improved buyer satisfaction.

Tips On How To Get Started With Configuration Management Implementation

Understanding what adjustments are being made begins with understanding that a system has remained consistent for the rationale that final set of modifications. Specifically, the infrastructure concerned in supporting the enterprise is decided by configuration administration. In short, when change is made within the underlying business infrastructure, it needs to be automated and trusted to be able to be helpful.

Rather than relying on people to perform time-consuming handbook configuration tasks, automation permits teams to constantly deploy and decommission infrastructure elements in much less time, with fewer opportunities for human mistakes. It additionally makes it potential to maintain up constant system settings throughout datacenter, cloud, and edge environments for an application’s complete life cycle, minimizing each efficiency and security issues. Together, these standards tackle what configuration management actions are to be done, when they’re to occur within the product life cycle, and what planning and assets are required.

Each object requiring configuration management is assigned a unique identifier for monitoring purposes. The PM is finally liable for configuration administration, though someone else might keep the items’ follow-up matrix and model management. This process consists of determining the project’s development and defining its completion necessities. Identifiable configuration objects might comprise project documentation, test cases, requirements for the specification, and code modules. Using configuration management tools, directors can set up an IT system, similar to a server or workstation, then build and preserve other servers and workstations with the identical settings. IT groups use configuration assessments and drift analyses to continuously establish systems that have strayed from the desired system state and need to be updated, reconfigured, or patched.

What’s A Configuration Management System?

Consequently, change administration is completely different than configuration administration, however managing change — and the potential impacts of change on a manufacturing surroundings — is an important part of configuration administration. The element and formality concerned in a change management course of can vary depending on the scale and sort of group; a big and extremely regulated business will typically use an in depth change administration process. Data facilities have lengthy relied on hardware and software program configurations to help assist enterprise security. Configurations affect security in numerous methods — login credentials are required, periodic password modifications are mandated, firewall ports open and close, network subnets are established, and so forth. Documentation and consistency via configuration administration assist set up and preserve security.

  • You need to duplicate the pre-production environment for the pipeline and testing.
  • Understanding how near the tip of their life every of those parts is has been a major endeavor involving labor-intensive document maintaining until current developments in software.
  • In the subsequent few decades, the US military developed a set of requirements called the 480 series, which would govern the means it maintained technical gear.
  • The following focuses on configuration administration as it instantly applies to IT software program belongings and software asset CI/CD.
  • The useful baseline is established on the SDR and can usually switch to NASA’s control at the moment for contracting efforts.
  • This applies to business targets and workflows, serving to workers and customers to accommodate and adapt to alter.

In the technology world, configuration management is an IT administration process that tracks individual configuration gadgets of an IT system. An IT asset could symbolize a bit of software program, or a server, or a cluster of servers. The following focuses on configuration administration as it immediately applies to IT software property and software program asset CI/CD. As such, it’s not unusual to see the utilization of phrases like community configuration administration, software configuration management, or server configuration management to qualify the scope of a configuration administration software or project. Configuration administration helps handle complex techniques, ensuring consistency and supporting various software program and hardware processes.

Maintenance Systems

CM processes are driven by management tools that enable IT administrators to construct a workstation or server with particular settings after which apply these settings to other assets. Used in concert with IT service management (as defined by the ITIL), CM requires teams to monitor the state of a system in actual time to determine aberrant habits and/or alternatives for patches, updates or upgrades. Like everything else on the planet of IT, effective configuration management involves people, process, and technology.

What is Configuration Management

As the pace of digital transformation accelerates, configuration management is more critical than ever. Frequent reconfiguration and realignment of purposes, software providers, and IT infrastructure are necessary to maintain the complete technical panorama practical. CM utilized over the life cycle of a system offers visibility and management of its performance, practical, and physical attributes. CM verifies that a system performs as intended, and is identified and documented in sufficient element to support its projected life cycle. The relatively minimal value of implementing CM is returned manyfold in value avoidance.

Misconfiguration just isn’t solely a safety hole however is a common reason for performance issues and system failures. It ensures that the suitable configuration is consistently implemented across many environments, lowering the chance of errors and rushing up the discharge cycle,” the Developers Per Hour weblog explained. CM instruments can apply insurance policies constantly across a community and configure intrusion detection techniques and firewalls routinely. This Chef InSpec video tutorial critiques important instructions to know, with two instance tests, to spice up your infrastructure as code expertise.


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