Sunshine in my Bag
“Show Her That We Care”

What is Sunshine in my Bag?

Sunshine In My Bag is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serve the many women who are going through cancer treatment by providing them with care bags.These care bags will encourage them and help them cope with their chemotherapy. Our goal is to show women that they are loved and appreciated, regardless of their physical condition.

Our Services

We surveyed over 100 chemotherapy patients on the self-care items they love

These items are distributed to infusion centers free of charge

Why Sunshine in my Bag?

Cancer patients have to deal with aches and pains, fatigue and weight loss, and other symptoms. Waking up tired each day can have a horrible effect on your mental health.

Many of these patients also have other responsibilities, such as jobs and children. It can be hard to balance all these things without feeling lost or distressed.

We want these patients to feel good. Self-care is proven to boost spirits and create lifelong healthy habits. And what doesn’t feel better than a bit of pampering? 


Mission: We intend to show every female in chemotherapy her self worth and make her feel loved and appreciated. We want to show the world what empowered girls can do, and encourage these women to continue persevering despite their circumstances. Through the small acts of kindness we give, we want to make the world a better place.

Vision: We imagine a place where every female is appreciated and empowered. Despite the challenges chemotherapy can provide, we want to see every patient with her head up and smiling. These patients are tough, smart, strong, and resilient, and can do anything they put their minds to.

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Sunshine in my Bag